Wow.  Is anyone else just a little scared about the latest attempt to blow up an airliner last weekend?  I just read this article on CNN regarding the terrorists involved :http://www.cnn.com/2009/CRIME/12/28/airline.terror.attempt/index.html

I think the most baffling thing I saw in this article was the quote from Al Qaeda that said “We have prepared men who love to die”.  Sweeet Gawd. Really?  They LOVE to die?  How do they know if they love to die, if they have never done it before?  Huh. Maybe just a problem with the translation or something.  Either way, that sounds really menacing.

I think the scariest part of this whole situation is that most of us out there have dealt with  A LOT of airport security shenanigans–and time wasted taking off shoes, belts, jewelry, luggage screening, and on and on ad nauseum until we start planning our wardrobes around TSA requirements. I don’t know about y’all, but I kinda thought we were all doing that for a reason.  Like, somehow all of the x-ray screenings, “No-Fly lists”  and trainings that TSA did for detecting suspicious behaviors were working.  To think we do all of that, and no one in the Netherlands was able to stop the dude from getting on the plane? This is stunning.  THE NEXT DAY, after this situation (when security should have been even tighter), ANOTHER terrorist got on the same flight with an explosive substance in his underwear!!!! ARE YOU KIDDING ME?  I am at a loss for words.  I guess now we might have to start taking off our underwear before getting on a flight? Or maybe “Going Commando” will be the newest TSA wardrobe trend.


2 responses to “Terror!

  • Max

    I’m thinking Commando will take care of carry on materials that can harm one another.

    • kalamityjenn

      Good point. A lot of these things that they have us do almost seem pointless. Like, had they just connected the dots on this one, I could keep my undies (and shoes) on in the future. So–what, now they are going to get full body scanners? How about checking your no-fly list, or not letting people onto flights that don’t actually produce a freakin’ passport. I have a hard time giving up my privacy and freedoms when it appears that those in the “know” aren’t sharing their information enough to hit on these things.

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