Credit Cards Skimming your charitable donations!


This doesn’t surprise me one bit. In the last couple of years here in the U.S. we have been dealing with these bottom-feeding credit card companies.  To hear that they charge some kind of a special fee every time someone uses their credit card to make a charitable donation to Haiti Earthquake relief (or anywhere else for that matter), is horrible, but expected.  They are scum, you know. Now don’t get me wrong.  I realize that they are running a “business”, if you can call it that.  Unfortunately it seems that there are really no limits to the lengths that they will go to make a buck for themselves.  Ya know, with all of  the drama over the economic crisis in the last year, you would think that these companies might even consider throwing their hat in the ring as far as the Haiti relief goes–as this could actually be a chance for them to get some good press/PR.  NOPE. NOT GONNA HAPPEN.

I feel fortunate to have banished all credit cards from my life in 2006–before the economic crisis even started.  I paid them off and never looked back.  Not to say that it wasn’t difficult and nerve-racking.  I did have to put together a big emergency fund for myself to fall back on, and I had to pull myself out of the mire of outrageous interest rates.  I implore you all to do the same. If not for yourself, then do it for Haiti! 

Further, use your debit cards to make a donation for Haiti.  If you don’t have the money to send, don’t send any at all.  Don’t give money you don’t have! 

Please read the original article below  for more information on this scandalous situation.,1551273


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